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hey guyzzz..tell me about you!
me with my sister
me with my sister

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alinaalinuta 16 March 2015  
My name is Alina am 16 years of constant I have 2 younger brothers are sadly went to England with his family here for 5 years and have fun here but my heart romania required in order that mine
that's all you sweet kiss
xSmileyCyrusxD 7 February 2011  
I have 5 brothers! Dude, big family :) - I hate the paparazzi,they are freaking annoying. - I love John Lennon, Franklin, rainbows and Jesus. - I'm very down to Earth, I'm the same girl as i was before i went famous. - Im addicted to texting. - My life in 2007 was just perfect,i was very happy,and there weren't any tabloids. - My favourite food is chinese and southern. - I have a lot of animals. - I changed my name in Miley, cuz my parents called me Smiley when i was little. - I became bf with Mandy on my tour -we have our own "Miley and Mandy Show" on youtube ! Check it out! - I like rock music such as The Killers and Coldplay. - I LOVE doing photography.
I love singing dancing and acting and it is such a blessing to be able to share these similarities!I love making people laugh .I also enjoy writing songs shopping watching movies and be togheter with Mandy (duh) And more than anything praising Jesus Christ!
Favourite Films: Steel Magnolias PS:I love you One fine day
don’t know about you all but I am counting down the days until John Mayer releases his new album! I am backstage in TX and listening to “Who Says” (again and again and again) and it is beyond brilliant. I even went back and listened to his first record which has “Comfortable” on it and I literally started tearing up. His music is so beautiful relatable and down right genius! UGH! The one and ONLY reason I miss twitter even in the slightest is his tweets! I loved when he would write about recording and mixing his record because you feel like you are right there with him & apart of the making (even though you have NOTHING to do with it) haha! Anyhoo! Just thought I’d vent about my love for @JohnCMayer =] Let’s just say I am a BIG fan. --- X M <3

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